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About Neuma


God spoke to us directly and through many Life Links leaders that God is going to build a training  hub in Spokane that will bring young adults into their creative and unique call and send them back  out to change the world. We have found that hands-on training, empowering and equipping in a  local church setting in deep, authentic community provides the richest experience and success.  

Neuma has rented a very nice home in an extremely safe neighborhood (zero crime). This house has  completely separated areas for girls and boys. This house has beautiful outdoor green spaces,  prayer/study areas, spacious living rooms, and a kitchen to cook larger meals in. With many parks,  hiking areas, rivers and lakes this is an amazing area to live and will be an excellent environment for  the optimal spiritual and relationship growth of the students.


Neuma Church is a church that was planted in the fall of 2020. God spoke to Moses and Cindy  very clearly that he was sending them to Spokane to plant a church. This was followed by confirmation from their leaders at River City Church and the leadership of Life Links International.  Life Links laid hands on them at the leadership conference and commissioned and sent them out.  They also received messages from many mature voices from all over the world confirming this call. Specifically, Neuma is called to love on the generation just out of high school to empower them for  the call God has on their life. Neuma is Greek (pneuma) for the Spirit, Wind and Breath of God. We  are a gospel-rooted, authentically connected, missional, and spirit-filled church that empowers next  generation leaders to live a vibrant God story. 

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