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Canadian and International Students

*The following information directly applies to Canadian students, but much of the information can be adapted for other countries.


You will receive a letter from Neuma Church to give to the US Border officers that will confirm why you are coming to Spokane and explaining the volunteer opportunity to serve. At the border you will ask for a 12-month B1 Visa. This is a Visitor’s Visa. There is no problem if you need to return sooner than  12 months or visit Canada during the 12 month period. At the border you will say you have a volunteer position at a church and that you are  providing your own room and board. Make sure your provincial medical  coverage knows that you will be out of the country, and arrange for health travel insurance. You do not need to bring your own vehicle, but  if you are bringing your own vehicle, let your insurance company know that you’ll be in the U.S..  Please let us know if you have any questions and we will be glad to answer them and coach you through the process. We can also arrange a phone conversation with a LifeLinks Canadian Pastor who is a Neuma School parent. This individual lives near the border and has a great deal of experience with this type of Visa.

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